Why use a Standing Desk

Working long hours all day while sitting at an office job or studying may not be the best for most people. Some people that we have worked with or went to school with have experienced back issues and pains, and some have had some issues with blood flow to their legs due to sitting for hours without getting up for a break. Having a standing desk can help most individuals with these issues.

What we like to do after a meal is go for a walk and complete some kind of movement, but sometimes during a busy day that is not possible. Many of us barely even have time to stand up after a meal. Having a standing desk can help us with this issue. By allowing us to sit and stand while working, we have found ourselves feeling less guilty, all while burning off some extra calories as well as allowing ourselves to move the body and legs around.

The back pain that we get from sitting all day is often not only from the chair itself, but rather the amount of time that we spend sitting. Sometimes after many hours of work, we realize that we are leaning over too much or slouching. We have found that by having a standing desk and giving your back different looks throughout the day, our backs aren't hurting as much at the end of it. 

We found overall that having a standing desk has helped us with getting those extra steps while increasing blood flow. These minor and simple steps have ultimately given us more energy to get the work done with more productivity.